The list below illustrates some example Daily Money Management services. As each client has a unique story and varying needs, we can tailor these examples to best fit the individual.


Organizing, managing, and tracking financial records

  • Converting hard-to-read, handwritten checkbook registers to a spreadsheet or other electronic format
  • Importing financial records into an electronic database that allows better tracking
  • Analyzing financial records to identify discrepancies
  • Reading financial documents and explaining them in a way that is easily understood

Reconciling bank accounts and assisting with other banking transactions

  • Balancing bank accounts on a monthly basis
  • Facilitating the payment of bills or deposits of money received
  • Assisting with initial setup of online banking or online bill payments
  • Reviewing credit card and bank accounts to identify any unusual transactions

Establishing and monitoring compliance with budgets

  • Analyzing past spending to assist in budgeting
  • Monitoring spending against an established budget
  • Negotiating with service providers or creditors to resolve disputed payments

Compiling summaries of personal assets, liabilities, and expected cash flow

  • Creating lists of items owned and debts owed
  • Preparing summaries of inflows and outflows of cash
  • Compiling financial information from various sources into one place for easier organization

Organizing tax documents and/or working with tax advisors

  • Summarizing receipts and other financial records to assist in the tax return preparation process
  • Working with your tax preparer or other advisors to provide information or resolve questions

Managing, sorting, and filing mail or other documents

  • Reviewing mail to assist in determining what is important and/or needs action
  • Establishing a filing system to keep paperwork in order
  • Purging unnecessary mail or documents in a way that limits exposure to identity theft